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Friday Frills

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'Stagecoach Frills'


Erdem Moralioglu Spring Fling

Breathtakingly Romantic

Light and Fluffy...Gorgeous

Like walking in a Cloud

Beautiful green ruffles....perfect for Spring

Dreamy Pink Neckline
and Lovely Layers like a Yummy Cake


What sweet dreams are you dreaming today!!

xOxO Nerina

8:21 AM

Wordless Wednesday !!

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What color are you wearing today !!!!

Have a Fabulous Day !!

xOxO Nerina

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Lovin this....

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Her name is Frederica

and she lives in Bologna, Italy.

The name of her little world

Please take some time out of your busy day,

to visit her, because if you have not heard of her

...you will be hooked!!

Her absolutely sweet personality

shines throughout each post

and her photos are just breathtaking!!

Sure makes me want to move to Italy!!

What is making you smile right now ????

Enjoy your day !!

xOxO Nerina

6:20 PM

Hey there....

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It's Monday

Hope you enjoyed your weekend

It's time to get up out of your seat

Grab your drink

Take a stroll

see some gorgeous views

wait...were almost there

AAAhhhhh....there you go....

relax...it's been a tough day!!

Enjoy your Monday!!

xOxO Nerina

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Pink Pointe...

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Earth Day 2010

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A better future

for our children


our children's children

If we would all make

just one personal commitment

to sustainabilty

it would boost our community

to build a healthy


clean energy economy



for the future

What will you be doing

to help preserve

'OUR' Earth

Take Action
Think Green

xOxO Nerina
10:50 AM

Speckled Egg Nesting Swap

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Happy Sunday Everyone!!

hosts these wonderful Petite Matchbox Swaps.

This one was a Nesting Edition to welcome Spring


My partners Lynn, Cathy and Sasha

blew me away with their generosity

Let's take a look

This fabulous box is from Lynn at By Lynn Krestel

covered inside and out

with beautiful sheet music

and a romantic photo

Inside was just filled with joy

...look at all of these adorable little containers

all wrapped with sheet music

and a tiny tiny tag

letting you know what each contained

Beautiful charms and velvet ribbon

Visit Lynn and she will show you

how to create the envelope

at the bottom left to hold punched embellishments

A little world full of Vintage love


Sasha has the most fun blog

...she writes in the third person

as Saucy Sprinkles....it is amazing

She made this outstanding Spring Nesting Bracelet,

I am going to wear this to work on Monday

...Birdies, bird house, coins, eggs....tons of fun

Took this image from her space

as she is so talented in her photos,

just another reason to visit.

The box was lined in moss

and full of little goodies like a bird house

and a nest complete with birdies


All the way from Belgium

is where this fun box of goodies travelled from

Cathy and her husband travel all over

and she has collected many things.

I am fortunate that I get to receive

some of these lovlies without leaving my home

The box was covered in the prettiest blue

with a girl holding a birdie

The package on the right is full of all of the goodies

that just would not fit into this small vessel

Oh my goodness

'BIRD NEST' in the most adorable scrabble letters

Cathy embellished clips with sparkled goodies

See the post card with the flowers

It is French and from a long time ago....I am in love with this


These are the boxes that I sent to the ladies

I also added sparkling lip gloss

as this was one of the items and an inside little joke

from the many emails that we shared.

This was truly a fun group of swappers

and I am humbled and spoiled by their generosity.

Thank you everyone!!


Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

xOxO Nerina

9:53 AM

Pink Saturday Pretties

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Happy Bright Pink Saturday Everyone!!

The sun has been shining all week,

but today is a different story!

You can stay inside

create, cook, clean, organize

and create some more

and not miss any of the wonderful weather outside
because...it's raining
Take a peak at Beverly from 'How Sweet the Sound' today,
I know you will find some Pinks
that will put a big smile on your face
regardless of the weather

The Apple Blossoms are all in full bloom
and when you walk by...the fragrance just fills you up

was hosting a fun Spring swap called
By the Dozen Egg Exchange
We were supposed to decorate an egg carton
and fill it with Spring goodies
....sounded like a ton of fun

My swap partner Carol from Sugar Hill Studio
decided to send me a basket
of Spring goodies to die for

Chock full of Spring goodness
...not to mention tons of candy and chocolate




each box was filled with various candies,
glitter and did I mention chocolate

I decorated my egg carton with Spring colors

and it really was so much fun

I placed the colored eggs inside
and filled them with goodies
.....of course I forgot to take pix
and remembered after I shipped it off.

This was a really great swap and I thank you Carol for being my swap partner and making my sweet tooth very very happy. I would also like to thank Christine for coming up with this creative idea!! Take a visit to Christine's and see all of the other creative Egg Exchange ideas


Back at the end of February Amy from Insire Co. had the idea to have a stitchalong for her birthday. Beginning March 1, you were to make an inch square stitchy everyday for a pre-determined number of days.

Oh the possibilities

This is what it looks like today....I just have to think of a clever way to display this now....any suggestions. Loved this...it was so much fun and you could look forward to just a little bit of creativity to spark you for other projects.

I hope you try something creative


out of the box today!!

Whatever you choose to do....have tons of fun!!

xOxO Nerina


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