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Pink Saturday Celebration with a Giveaway !!

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We are tickled Pink

who is the gracious hostess

of a wonderful Pink Party every Saturday

that invites Pink lovers everywhere

to enjoy the color

that makes all of us smile every day

Today is the 2nd Birthday

for this wonderful party

that has brought JOY to so many

Thank you so much Beverly

for exposing me to so much of

this wonderful world of Blogging

that was only possible because of all of

the absolutely amazing contributors

to your Party.

I have been exposed to so much

Creativity, Beauty

and not to mention tons of new Friends

and I have you to thank!!

To see more of this wonderful

2nd year of Pink Saturday Celebration,

please visit Beverly

I know it will make you smile

and who can't use an extra smile in their day

I know I could

I am off to catch me some smiles right now!!


But first

In honor of this special occasion,

please enter your name in the bucket (get it)

to win this lovely Silver Ice Bucket

and beautiful 100% Cotton

embroidered Table Cloth (54" x72")

with 6 coordinating Napkins

of the softest cotton to touch in a gorgeous Ecru.

All you have to do is leave a comment below

and I will announce the winner

on Monday May 31st.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

How are you spending

this Memorial Day Weekend

xOxO Nerina
8:15 AM

Finally Friday !!!

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Oh my gosh....is it Friday already !!

This week has been like a blur.......

Started off with a long weekend and a super fun Family BBQ that I hosted at my home on Monday.......Record high temperatures..... Job Interviews.....Baseball.....the normal everyday stuff....commuting 2 hours and 45 minutes daily.....school obligations....last minute homework....getting the pool ready.....making the garden pretty...tackling the ever present Dandelion issue......laundry.....meals.....season finalies on TV.....
Job Offer.....
Job Acceptance......
Fabulous New Job...Yay Me !!!!!!

Ohh and not to mention that
I have been really sick throughout it all

Thank Goodness Friday is here

Tonight I just want to go home
rest for a couple of hours
(not gonna happen)
and then do it all over again

Gotta get my fabulous Crown Swap going
so excited
have not had an opportunity
to visit any of you lovelies
or for that matter
return many emails
this weekend....for sure

AAhhh Life.....live it to the fullest

Please don't forget to visit tomorrow for

Beverly's of How Sweet the Sound

2nd Birthday


Pink Saturday

it'll be a Pinkalicious Party

you are all invited!!!


Trying to finish this book before I see the movie

Julia Roberts....great pic....it'll rock for sure

Enjoy Your Friday Friends

xOxO Nerina


8:27 AM

Wordless Wednesday !!

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We are having a heatwave!!

It's all or nothing around here you know

I Would love nothing more than to be here!!

or here

I could handle this as well

With a little somethin somethin

to keep my strength up


What special place would

make you smile today

xOxO Nerina

9:37 PM

Happy Pink Saturday !!

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Pink Bling...is there any other kind

Take a peak at some of my Spring accessories

Love this ring....it reminds me of Coral

It is darker on the outside
and becomes really pale in the middle

It is about 1 1/2 inches round...so pretty

Lookie at this pretty brooch

My Mom actually gave this to me

The colors are perfect with Spring's Florals

This necklace spoke to me

when I realized that

the glass crystals were Pink

Oh my gosh....divine!!!

As I wear a LOT of Black

these really kick it up a notch

Please take some time today
and visit
Beverly of How Sweet the Sound
our hostess for this
fabulous Pink Saturday Party
to renew your love of

A little sneak

at the Summer Primitives Swap
that I sent my partner
When she receives it
I will show you how I was spoiled
and what goodies I sent her

Enjoy your Saturday !!

Anything Special Planned

xOxO Nerina

8:37 AM

Thankful Thursday!!

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Five years ago this month

my husband was fortunate

to receive a

lifesaving Heart Transplant

The doctors

had only given him 7 months at the most

Thanks to

the generosity of strangers

he is alive and well today.

One of my really good friends

is in the hospital today,

actually since Monday

I just saw her on Thursday

for our monthly Euchre tourney

Tonight we were supposed to play

our first baseball game

(another story for another time)

I just found out this morning

that she is in isolation with a virus.

You see about a year ago

her brave sister

gave her the gift of life

by donating her kidney to my friend

She was and is doing really fabulous

Back to work full-time
Tons of social activity
Volunteers as a Big Sister
and Kids Hockey Coach
Extremely generous with her time
and Energy

she really is amazing.

I am really saddened by this

as her spirits

will be crushed by this roadblock

A couple of weeks ago she broke her wrist

and had to have it operated on


all of the comings


goings to the hospital

has left her vulnerable to infection

I feel for her husband

I know all too well

the feelings of uncertainty

that crop up during these times

I have also been there

Be strong!!

I know everything will work out

and she will be beside us

at our game next week cheering us on

as only she can.

In the meantime

take care of yourself

protect yourself

be good to yourself

I want you all to be around

for a long long time.


Love you

xOxO Nerina
8:43 AM

Wordless Wednesday !!

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Dance like no ones watching !!

xOxO Nerina
8:23 AM

Just Because !!

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Good Day Friends

Smile at someone you don't know

... just because

Let someone have your seat

... just because

Open the door for a stranger

... just because

Spend the day as if it were your last

Spread some JOY !!

Wishes for you
Magnificient Monday!!

xOxO Nerina

9:56 AM

The sun has finally risen !!

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Happy Weekend Friends !!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance

as well as bring with her a comfortable temperature

I can actually go outside without a heavy coat on

Spent the past couple of days getting a swap out

as well as in the freezing cold

and rain pulling dandelions

Two years ago the city passed a by-law

that prohibited pesticides,

so I guess the dandelions spread the word

that they were free to spread their seeds

The neighbourhood

usually full of beautiful green carpets

is covered in yellow and now white puffballs

I personally cannot stand that look

and have gotten down

and taken them out - one by one

It has taken many many days,

but I finally see the light

or should I say 'the green'

The green carpet has returned and it looks fabulous

I know it takes constant vigilance, but it is so worth it

Now to spend some time outside and try to get a bit

of color on these chicken skin legs so I can wear a skirt

What fun adventures
have you
been up to this weekend

xOxO Nerina

8:11 AM

Fitness Friday !!

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Last night I played Euchre

with a group of wonderful ladies

that I have been doing all kinds of exciting activities

with for so so many years.

In terms of this Euchre thing.

12 of us get together

at the home of the chosen for the month

we each host a different month.

Yes...we play cards

yes...we catch up

yes...we laugh...loud...sometimes even cry

but the real reason

I love more (well almost) than any other

is the food


Oh sure...there were veggies and fruits and cheeses

I did have a couple of red peppers with hummus

but.... mostly SUGAR!!

Everyone is always joking with me

about my insatiable craving for SUGAR

Love it

can't get enough of it

last night at about 10:00 ish

I cracked open a Bright Blue Jones Soda

in none other than Blue Bubblegum flavour

...to die for (kinda tastes like Cream Soda)

Delish I tell ya....Delish!!

It's fine at the time

the next day.....Oh my gosh

you gotta get rid of all of that sugar rush!!

FLUSH.....drink tons of water and then some more

I plan to garden this weekend as part of my fitness regime

I know...doesn't sound very strenuous you say

well...ya gotta start somewhere!

Beautify your yard

Weed the flower beds

Spread some mulch

Trim the hedges

Plant some flowers

Work in the yard for 45 minutes

No yard?
Help an elderly person in a neighborhood

it will be good for you both!

45 minutes = 205 calories burned
I'll actually put on my workout clothes
as inspiration and who knows

I might feel the urge to break a sweat

crazier things have happened

What physical activity are you

going to be doing this weekend ?

Happy Friday Friends....make it count!!!

xOxO Nerina
8:33 AM

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

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You know
...it's May
and we have been waiting
for the warm weather for a while now.
Today everyone on the train everyone
is wearing winter coats and boots again.
The pedi's are all hidden beneath socks.
Sunday we had....
just a bit
...but nonetheless
....snow for cryin out loud!!

I cannot wait to get out these lovelies.
Spring were are you
are you just going to show up
in the shape of Summer
with hot temps out of nowhere...
we can handle that as well...
just get to it already....
we need a bit of
Vitamin D
to make us smile.

Hermes - creme de la creme

Luscious colors...oh so soft against your skin

Some Anthro Love

the florals, the colors.....oh my gosh

The dress is so feminine and pretty

yet still appropriate for the office...love it


Bring on the sunshine

I'm ready!!

What are you looking forward to wearing
for the season that you are about to enter
Have a Happy Day!!
xOxO Nerina

2:12 AM

Happy Pink Mother's Day !!

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A very Big Hug

to all of you
Wonderful Mother's
out there that
your little


your not so little ones!!

Yummy Mummy Cookies....oh how I wish I could smell these

Pink Tulips never looked prettier or more appropriate

Celebrating Mum with delish cupcakes

from Julie Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits in the UK

How are you paying homage

your Mom for her Special Day

Take a walk over to

Beverly at 'How Sweet the Sound'

our Hostess for this fabulous Pink Party

and see some lovely Pink Goodness


You are appreciated for all you do!!

Much Love

xOxO Nerina

6:36 PM

Fitness Friday!!

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Winter is the perfect season

at least in my opinion

I can cover up under layers of clothes

and no one can see the real me.

Along comes Spring

were all happy and joyous

until we realize

oh my gosh

what do you mean it's too hot for my jacket.

Now what am I going to do.

All Winter I have been eating everything in sight and not moving a muscle...you know what that means right...that's right....everything that should be tight has travelled south and is a bit soft.

I knew this was coming...it happens every year...why oh why do I keep repeating the same pattern. Now...I actually have to get off the couch and move....move and move some more!
It's time to cut the fat!!

Eat less and actually pay attention to what I am eating and then..guess what...move some more!

I have found that these really kick my butt and when time is of the essence...like right now...this will do the trick!! I am talking about 'High Intensity Interval Training'. Some of you might know this in the form of the Shaun T exercise video 'Insanity'.

You do various exercises at a quick pace and change it up...really work up a sweat and before you know it....you can put on those shorts and t-shirts with out feeling like you need to cover up. I know it works for me.

Now.....time to get off this computer and 'HIIT' it.
Let's get a little glow on and a lot of fat off!!

If this seems like a daunting task...just get off the couch and DANCE...that's right...just mooove....anyone can do that...you will feel so much better!!

Don't forget to eat better

you know they say that it's like this "80% Nutrition and 20% everything else"

Lower those portions,
cut out the white stuff
(sugar, pasta, rice etc.)
the most colorful meal you can think of

...oh ya...and make 'em small...eat lots of low GI foods every couple of hours and keep your blood sugar level so you don't crave....it will take a couple of days....I know you can do it.....ya you......come on....we'll do it together!!

What makes you get off the couch and exercise!!!!

You'll be glad you got off the couch!!

xOxO Nerina

8:25 AM

Wordless Wednesday !!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Coming or Going

Business or Pleasure


xOxO Nerina

8:12 AM

Terrific Tuesday !!

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Hello Peoples!!!!!
I trust you were able to enjoy your weekend,

I know there are a lot of crazy

weather patterns out there right now

and I hope all of you are safe

and with the ones you love!!

A few treats that bring a smile to my face
and make this a Terrific Tuesday

I am in love with this quilt

made by Amy a la Mode

inspired by her McCoy Pottery,

I think I might even try to make one myself

....a project for the Fall...maybe

Moroccan Dresser...look at that Mirror

I wonder what type of Candy

would look great in this dish
...Oh wait...I know...any Candy

The spout and the glass detail is exquisite

Turqoise Love from Flickr

1. DSC02986, 2. Aqua Filigree Earrings, 3. Wolf Mannequin, 4. Dreamy Dresser, 5. Chippy Blue Candlesticks, 6. DSC_0448-aqua, 7. Silk Ribbons & Bits, 8. Aqua door, 9. aqua house, 10. DSC02988, 11. Little aqua door, 12. Gate, 13. Classic 214


What would it take for you to have

the most

Terrific Tuesday imaginable????

9:04 AM

Happy Pink Saturday !!

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It's finally here.....May Day
Ahhh....the May Pole





Dancing around the May Pole

turns my thoughts to Robin of Magnolia Pearl.

I picture all of these pretties
dancing barefoot
with flowing fabric and lace
hair tied up filled with flowers
and the notion that
Spring is here
are doing the happy dance.

Oh Joy......the possibilities of Spring

Enjoy yourself this weekend
and don't forget to visit
to see so much Pinkalicious Goodness
you can't help but smile!!

Cause everyone loves Pink,

some of your just don't know it yet!!


What music brings you joy today!!!!

xOxO Nerina


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